The new CEO at Netigate

"Combine technological progress with human expertise"

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Mikkel Drucker, CEO at Netigate
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Mikkel Drucker, CEO at Netigate
The SaaS company Netigate has filled the position of CEO as part of its international expansion. We asked Mikkel Drucker, the new CEO at Netigate, three questions. Topics are: What Drucker wants to achieve in his new position, why the work of Netigate convinces him and how the pandemic is affecting the business.
Mikkel Drucker most recently worked as Chief Growth Officer at the software developer Tacton Systems. Before that, he was Vice President of Product Marketing at Trustpilot and worked for Nokia - in the US and Asia. He holds two master's degrees in engineering and economics from leading universities.

What goals have you set for Netigate as the new CEO? Netigate is a pioneer within the feedback and insights industry, with a strong and loyal international customer base. My plan is to lead the team in the next phases of our development – especially with an international focus. I am impressed by what Netigate has achieved, and I look forward to being part of the company’s journey. I see great opportunity for the feedback business to grow in existing and new markets – especially since we all work remotely, people want to understand how their people feel and gather feedback. I’m very excited to be a part of this dynamic, international team, which is committed to continued innovation and growth.

What is Netigate's unique selling proposition? There are several feedback providers on the market, but often the software is not user-friendly or is limited in scope. Netigate has an insightful focus on customer care and providing tailored solutions. We offer a complete package, where our customers also have a contact person with the option of personal advice. Users can access questionnaire templates or create their own surveys, providing a flexible solution that is tailored to the individual needs of each company. So, I would say Netigate combines technological progress with human expertise. And we are GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, which is also very important for many companies nowadays, especially in the DACH-market.

How was the company affected by the Corona pandemic? The crisis has forced companies to change and digitalize. Netigate, as a SaaS company, needed to cut costs and make tough and fast decisions. But all in all, the software industry records a boom. Especially in the current situation, it is crucial to understand all stakeholders of a company – customers, employees, managers, board and suppliers. We saw an increased demand to understand the view of customers and especially of the employees. Your people are your key assets, so it’s important to focus on well-being, morale, and listening. Communication and bottom-up planning were essential for us in successful crisis management.

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