Interview with Gary Laben

What is behind the new name "dynata"?

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Gary S. Laben, CEO dynata
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Gary S. Laben, CEO dynata
CEO Gary Laben explains to planung&analyse in the first interview after the renaming from research Now SSI into "dynata" what the new name should stand for and what services the customers should associate with it.

What is the idea behind the name? What should your customers associate with the new name? “Dynata” was inspired by the words “dynamic” (progressive, changing, forceful, energetic, positive) and “data". It alludes both to the dynamic, constantly changing, data-driven marketplace and to the fact that our data is continually updated and therefore robust.

Did you do market research on the connotations, associated meanings and acceptance of the term? Deciding on a new name was part of a larger effort, because a name does not stand by itself. It is part of a brand identity. Brand identity encompasses a company’s vision, strategy and organizational “persona.” We worked closely with a brand agency in the U.S. who captured the essence of our combined 60-year legacy in online panel data and market research as well as our expanded strategy as one of the world’s largest providers of first-party data. With our sight set on future growth and expansion and with our established business as a foundation, we created a cornerstone for our development of a new name and brand.

Why was a new name necessary? You are a classic B2B service provider and do not offer services for end consumers. And you customers knew very well what the offer was behind the old term “Research Now SSI”. Marketers and advertisers today have progressed beyond wanting “big data.” Today they need more accurate data for more precise insights and engagement with their customers and prospects. Our vast collection of opted-in first-party data – from actual people, not models – which we actively manage and maintain meet the need for more trustworthy data. So, anchored in market research, we are reaching beyond market research to adjacent marketing disciplines such as marketing communications and engagement and advertising effectiveness. We are committed to closing the marketing learning loop across the entire marketing spectrum, and our new name reflects our expanded strategy and vision. Does the new name also mean new offers, a new profile for your company? Our new name reinforces our expanded strategy and vision. We will continue to innovate based on our data asset, providing solutions that are centered on quality data for quality insights.

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