Interview with Caroline Frankum, CEO of Profiles Division Kantar

What's the deal with fraud prevention technology?

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It's making the rounds: Kantar has bought the British app survey platform Qmee. We now want to know what's behind the acquisition and Qmee's technologies. In a short interview, Caroline Frankum, CEO of Kantar's Profiles Division, explains what the fraud prevention technology is all about. 

Congratulations on the acquisition of the survey app Qmee. What was the main reason for this acquisition - the panel of 750,000 panelists or was it the fraud prevention technology? 
Caroline Frankum: Both. The Panel supply industry is currently severely supply constrained, and truthful data from trusted panelists has never been more important in these unprecedented times of uncertainty and mistrust.

Please can you explain how this technology works? Frankum: Ultimately Qmee’s tech & 8+ machine learning-driven algorithms ensure that the right panelist is dynamically matched to the right survey, at the right price, and at the right time. This means matching ~3m panelists per second to survey quotas.

How much more effective is this technology compared to previous methods of preventing fraud? Frankum: The survey start to survey complete conversion rates delivered by this tech is ~3-4x higher than industry average. run-rates. This unprecedented quality is further reinforced by Qmee’s recent awards, including being Ranked #11 in Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

How big is the problem with fraud in panels and who is cheating? Are there any regional differences? Frankum: With COVID forcing the world into a more tech-driven way of operating, cyber security and fraud have increased across all business sectors over the past 2 years – and panelist/survey fraud is no exception. The survey sector has seen an increase in behavior-driven fraud particularly (e.g. ghost completes, which are completes completed by a BOT as opposed to a human)– which is exactly what Qmee’s Qubed fraud prevention tool detects and eliminates. The current fraud threat is an economic one from out of country actors (often working in clusters)  seeing this as a legit way to earn money and the old IP based methods don’t work so detecting behavioural patterns is hard and this is where Qubed is unique with its ML.

Qmee's website mentions numerous partnerships with major panel providers such as Dynata, CINT, Lucid, Toluna. Will these partnerships continue? Frankum: Yes – we are focused on ensuring clients experience minimal disruption across the short-med term.

To what extent are the panels of the Profiles Division being marketed externally?
Frankum: To ensure we maintain the highest quality panels, Profiles’ proprietary consumer and Health-focused panels (incl. LifePoints, All Global Circle, ORU, Qantas, Mobiworkz) are exclusively available from Kantar and not re-sold to any other supplier.

What is the market share of Profiles in the global panel market, which you yourself have estimated at 3.4 billion dollars? Frankum: Profiles is the #2 player in terms of market share.

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