Countdown to DAIS: Gemius

How to measure campaign effectiveness in a cookie-less world

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© Foto: Gemius / Markus Gröpl
There will be a lot to learn and discover at the virtual Data Analytics & Insights Salon DAIS on March 24 and 25. What in detail, planung&analyse presents in the countdown to the event, in this episode Gemius.
The post-cookie aera is looming, challenging campaign effectiveness measurement. Gemius offers an answer how to respond to this at DAIS with the presentation titled “Campaign effectiveness measurement in the new cookie-less world”. The session aims to give an overview of what is available today from the data collection perspective and how the data modelling should be redefined.

“Google makes nervos” can be read on one of the recent Horizont covers (issue March, 10). Together with all the other news from the tech business we can draw the clear picture of the future. Without cookies or other alternative identifiers. From the websites’ and apps’ audience measurement, digital campaigns’ audience verification, to brand surveys – media and brand research business has been using the benefits of cookies for the last 20 years. But it’s not the only challenge we need to face. Measuring cross-screens and cross-media has been discussed for a while. With the dynamic growth of CTV and even more walled gardens, the audit and measurement of campaign’s REACH and BRAND EFFECTS has complicated drastically. What are the alternatives in the research business?

The speaker will concentrate on the post-campaign measurement solutions skipping the targeting issues of the mar-tech sector. The presentation is to address the vital questions: How the brand surveys can be conducted in the cookie-less world? How the campaign audience measurement can work? As the issue is complex it will be structured by dividing into two parts explaining separately the data collection as well as data modelling challenges.

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