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© Foto: FFIND / Markus Gröpl
There will be a lot to learn and discover at the virtual Data Analytics & Insights Salon DAIS on March 24 and 25. What in detail, planung&analyse presents in the countdown to the event, in this episode FFIND.
At DAIS, an established field organization unveils its new brand identity: IFF has become FFIND. Ennio Armato, CEO FFIND about the new look and the new self-image. (to the company profile in the planung&analyse mafonavigator >>)

What thematic focal points will you present in your lounge at DAIS? The star attraction of our stand is undoubtedly the rebranding: the renowned German brand IFF International has become FFIND. Yesterday we were leaders in telephone quantitative research, today we want to be the reference point in Europe for a 360-degree quantitative research. Yesterday CATI Specialist, now Data Collection Specialists, presenting a much wider range of offers thanks to the innovative introduction of digital.

Which industries or topics do visitors from which sectors find exciting offers and discussion partners at your lounge? The ace up the sleeve of our stand is the video featured. The first few seconds are dedicated to the motion graphic of rebranding, thus showing the old logo and the new one, accompanied by company values and their evolution. Next you will have the opportunity to see the trailer of the short film that we will project during the speech, an innovative way to describe the future of market research.

What highlight should visitors to DAIS not miss? We can intercept (im)possible respondents using social media ads and we can interview them via CATI, CAWI, Webcam and smart speakers (Voice Assisted Interview with Alexa). The call center is a thing of the past, today our more than 500 native telephone interviewers work directly from home all over the world. We mainly work with market research institutes.

To register for DAIS until 22 March, klick here.

Read more about the company in mafonavigator.
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