ISO 26362

2009, Access panels in market, opinion and social research

Access panels are becoming a key tool of market, opinion and social research. The ISO standard 26362:2009 will support this evolution by providing definitions and requirements to increase the quality and efficiency of access panels as well as providing internationally harmonized criteria to facilitate comparison of the results of access panels worldwide. Whereas people are often reluctant to respond to research questionnaires or calls due to lack of time or concerns about security and privacy, access panels provide an innovative solution for driving market, opinion and social research forward. Composed of a representative set of individuals who accept to complete questionnaires on various subjects, access panels often involve incentives and take advantage of the latest technology to extend their outreach. As such they can efficiently attract thousands, even millions of respondents from around the world at a cost lower than other conventional strategies. ISO 26362:2009, Access panels in market, opinion and social research - Vocabulary and service requirements, provides definitions and guidelines for good practice, tackling issues such as recruitment, validation of identity, size and profile of panels. Its application will help address any limitations and exploit their potential to the fullest. The standard can also be used to evaluate access panels and assess their quality. The standard provides a lot more than just the bare minimum requirements for good research practice and adopts a flexible approach to ensure its applicability in all countries. ISO 26362 will be used by organizations and professionals who own and/or use any type of access panels for market, opinion and social research, whether online (internet) or offline (telephone, face-to-face, etc.). The standard is based on and should be used in conjunction with the more generic ISO 20252:2006, Market, opinion and social research - Vocabulary and service requirements.

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