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Esomar Congress 2019

Ort/Location: Edinburgh Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirla Edinburgh

This is your opportunity to participate at the only truly global data and insights summit -the 72nd ESOMAR Congress- where innovation, creativity and insights collide.
Be brave, be provocative, be daring, be bold. Spark change. Lead the TRANSFORMATION!
1200+ attendees. 3600 online livestream viewers. 80+ speakers. 80+ countries. 1 event. 1 goal – to highlight IMPACT. Your impact.
Over four days, and across multiple tracks of cutting-edge, never before seen content, curated by industry-leading thinkers and professionals. When you attend ESOMAR Congress, you know we only ever put on stage what you really want to see and hear. Check out this year’s programme.
If you thought previous editions were impressive, wait until you see what we have got planned for 2019…

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Straße:Atlas Arena, Azië building - 5th floor Hoogoorddreef 5
PLZ Ort:1101 BA Amsterdam