Dienstag, 19. September 2017

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ESOMAR 'Best of' – Germany 2017

Ort/Location: Berlin Deutschland Berlin

It's time once again to bring some key highlights from the international ESOMAR conference stages to Germany, for our yearly 'Best of' event. Join us in Berlin on the 5th of October for an afternoon of food for thought and inspiration.

This year, we are uniting our speakers under a common motto: Trust in research.

Our profession has increasingly come under scrutiny, by the public, but also from within. Part of the criticism is that the industry is moving too slow to accommodate societal shifts, part of it is that it is moving too fast, incorporating new practices without sufficient regard for privacy and ethics. So, where do we stand and what is the best way forward? Come and find out!

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Straße:Atlas Arena, Azië building - 5th floor Hoogoorddreef 5
PLZ Ort:1101 BA Amsterdam